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PBX Integration

We integrated your private telephone network into our wholesome system for internal and external high-quality communication.

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SIP Compatible PBX Support

Virtually connecting your analog phone lines is now on a whole new level. No matter where your customer is, you will establish a connection with them.

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High Quality Codec

We at EmVoIP encode your digital signal for the best, highest quality calls, and digital interaction.

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Flat Monthly Rate

You pay only for what you get, don’t bother with procrastination or wavering with your business.

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Easy Setup

EmVoIP provides you the easy setup for your software and your company needs. It provides an easy interface configuration of all of your devices on your network.

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Secure Connection

Multiple encryption protocols at EmVoIP provides you with a secure connection for ensuring the security of data flowing in our network.

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HD Voice Quality

Forget the standard “toll quality” digital voice with noise to give you a headache. We offer you the best quality. Now you will have the HD voice for your audio needs.

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Amazing Service

Score a winning goal for your employee and customer experience.

Pricing Plans

Feel the power of shifting the connected communication

We at EmVoIP enable you to make and receive calls on your digital gadgets, computer, and mobile phone, with empowered VoIP. Our digitalized EmVoIP mobile apps keep you connected even when you are away from your standard office phone. Furthermore, we replace your desk phone entirely.
Forget about long waiting times. We answer, escalate, and route all inbound calls with the most professionalism. Your customers will find the right department in a matter of minutes.

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  • Business phone software collaboration and integration
  • iOS and Android mobile app with a personalized experience
  • Crystal-clear best quality HD audio calls without noise
  • Access to all types of analytics, historical and live call data
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Best offers for small business and enterprises

Your business may and may not define you, but if you require unbeatable reliability, best VoIP call encryption, or any of the similar advanced features, then our EmVoIP services are the right choice for you.
Our TLS (transport layer security) encryption will keep safe your business, and maintain maximum privacy for every communication transmission you do.

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  • Top-rated reliability, guaranteed SLA, online uptime of 99.5%
  • Contemporary fraud detection & mitigation
  • Multilayer encryption, 256bit verified, with 24/7 monitoring
  • First-class real human support with highest-rated call quality
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Frequently Asked Questions