Who are we?

Executive summary

EmVoIP specializes in the administration of phone systems and internet phone routes. It offers a huge variety of products and services to its customers’. The current position of EmVoIP on market could be defined as a specialized company for specific types of customers. The target customers of this company are the companies, holdings, educational institutions, and other large private and public entities of the telecommunications demand market. The current and past market analysis provided us with an amazing investment opportunity in this sector, but also a noticeable increase in overall market value. EmVoIP is a recognized institution in the field of VoIP servicing and internet phone routes products and services. The future assessment of this company provides a great investment opportunity and an increase in overall market share. The estimated financial forecast of future financial outcomes, the external market, and the economic indicators, on the global VoIP market, gives a real insight into these new investment possibilities.

General Description

EmVoIP is a specialized company for phone system administration and internet phone routes. With EmVoIP, potential customers can excavate and empower the opportunity for their business success. We bring our customers’ company signal to the future while recreating the power of history

Company Market Position

EmVoIP influences consumers perception through contemporary internet services following EmVoIP market adversaries, while maintaining the much-needed advantage over other market competitors.

EmVoIP market positioning statement is: “We don’t wait for business opportunities; we create them for your bright corporate future!” With EmVoIP increased functionality, some things that are difficult to impossible with traditional phone networks, are made possible.

If compared to other market adversaries, it is obvious that EmVoIP enables customers the making and receiving calls on their digital gadgets, computers, and mobile phones, but with empowered and specially established VoIP. EmVoIP digitalized mobile apps keeps the customers connected even when they are away from theirstandard office phones. Furthermore, we replace theirdesk phones entirely.